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Presenting a beautiful, perfectly designed Wax Hand Machine, Special Wax - Flexi Wax, Wax Hands, 2D Hand Impressions etc......

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An Introduction of Wax Hands Wizards

People always look for unique and fun activity that can be performed on occasions like get together, Christmas or new year party, and corporal events and places where both kids and adults get entertained like amusement parks and malls. Tambola, Lucky 7, Painting the pot, and many others are not so in, also both kids and adults together are now bored of these activities. But one fun activity that is so in these days, which entertains both adults and kids is Wax Hands Activity. As the name of this activity suggest, hand is made of wax in size, shape and design of the person performing this activity. All that this individual needs to do is dip his/her hand in wax and then wait for a few minutes to get a proper mold. This amusing, entertaining and interactive activity is quite famous internationally but one dynamic personality who introduced this internationally celebrated activity in India is Mr. Vijay Shenoy, the promoter of Wax Hands Wizards.

Founded in the year 2012, the company is running successfully by not only bringing forth Wax Hands Machine (Eureka) and Flexi-Wax (which are the two most products of performing this activity) as a Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier, but also working as a Service Provider and rendering wax hands making services. We are the very first Indian company that supports this new concept on a 1:1 scale. We are said to be 'Party Stoppers' because we have brought forward Indian people this unique and fun activity. We have received a lot of appreciation from activity performers and event organizers for entertaining people well through wax hand sculptures. To manufacture the machines and wax used in this activity, we have a modern facility in Maharashtra that has been equipped with best machines and tools.

Our Future Plan

Just like any other company, we also want to succeed in our domain. Though we are pioneers, but we want to innovate and do something new to attract customers which is why our future plan is to introduce Crystal Hands, 2D & 3D Hand Hand Impressions, and Feet Impressions.

Franchising Offers

We are offering people residing in Indian cities an opportunity to earn well by investing only a small amount of money for getting Wax Hand Wizards Franchisee. For people who are interested in this opportunity can have both fixed and moving outlets. Amusement Parks, Clubs & Resorts, Shopping Mall, Tourist Attractions and Museums are a few examples where franchisers can sell the offerings and operate the service. For moving franchisee, franchisers can entertain kids and adults by making them perform this activity in school annual functions, birthday parties, sports events, etc. There are many benefits of our franchisee offers, a few of them are cited below:

  • Since it is a new concept in India, it will attract customers
  • Huge and fast return on investment
  • No wastage and 0 recyclability
  • Proper training before starting.

Process and Packaging

Simple, easy, fast and fun are four words that best goes with Wax Hands activity. For franchisers, we provide a full training session where our experienced staff trains them to operate independently Eureka Wax Hand Machine. For activity performers, all you need to do is choose a hand design and color (preferred color combinations like red+blue = violet & yellow+red = orange), dip hands in wax and then wait for only 3 minutes to get the perfect wax hand sculpture.

After performing the activity, all customers desire to take their wax hand home which is why we make use of blank and transparent box to pack wax hands, which can further be easily transported and safely stored. For franchisers, they can make use of Customized Box with stickers or Brand name on it and then supply wax hands. This transparent box is not only easy to carry but also an advertising tool, which excites people and flaunts wax hand.

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